Friday, April 29, 2011

Nothin' Says Lovin'

The Royal Family Spent $70 Million on a Wedding and All I Got Was This Lousy Piece of Cake

“Seyi Obakin, the only Nigerian on the Prince William’s Royal Wedding official guest list released at the weekend by St. James’ Palace, will receive the Royal Wedding Cake on behalf of Centrepoint.”

One of only three Africans attending the event, Obakin was listed alongside David Beckham and Sir Elton John among others on the so-called “merit section of the guest list.” (Centrepoint is apparently a non-profit charitable organization run by Mr. Obekin.)

So I expect to find an e-mail from Mr. Obakin, and soon, begging me to wire his solicitor $10,000 so he can return with his friends David and Sir Elton, to his homeland with the cherished cake and re-take his rightful position and fortune in the bureau.”

This must explain how beloved the British are on the "dark continent". "No, really, we'll never finish it all. Let me wrap you up a nice piece of cake to bring back home for when the post-election rioting subsides."

Marie Antionette didn’t do too well public-relations-wise with that “cake for the deserving poor” gesture. I guess William et ux are hopeful that dear President Gookluck Johnson will have better luck.