Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's about time

In hockey it's a hat trick - three scores.  I just call it turning 60.

The first score seemed to take forever.The next not so long.And the third; I probably could have held my breath.

I thought I'd take heart or more accurately the idea of that Julie and Julia babe and write something every day of my fifty-ninth year.

No.  My life has never been so interesting and if it were, then I'd have better things than this to do.

Still, there is much to be considered between now and next September 19th.

  • The process of elimination
  • Good dog Rover.
  • Old friends, imaginary pets, and those voices - always the voices!
  • Cannoli
  • The Ghost Whisperer, Wu Tang, Ayn Rand and Bigfoot.

There is more.  No doubt. But my attention span has been stretched to its limit.

Oh, and no bucket lists, no senior moments and no poetry.