Thursday, June 12, 2008

Too Soon To Festoon.

Pass me the remote

Um, you know.

My friend Peter, right? He's like in Washington or someplace like practically next to it or something?

And like he and Ricky are like wicked into gardens and landscaping and all that? And like they even do it for real. You know? Like people pay them and stuff? Well not all year but when it’s the right season I think. But it’s like all they do? I mean Peter and Ricky, not the people who pay them They are like rich or something. Ambassadors and stuff I think. And divorce lawyers.

But when it’s not gardening season, they like take time off? Cause I mean that’s really like what they do.

Anyways. Peter is like. . .

One of the leaders of the landscape architects, historians and preservation advocates who believed that construction of the Dumbarton Oaks Library would imperil the North Vista garden. He organized the local opposition to the siting of the library back in 1999 and was successful in having the plan changed. I think there was an issue as well with an underground parking garage. We spoke to him often during the heat of the battle. Boy those landscape historians can be an ornery bunch.

Like I am totally serious! GTG POS

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